About Us - Goal Setting Club

Have you ever been in a situation, where you’re working really hard yet nothing seems to obtain the result that you dreamed of? Or, are you confuse on what you should do in the next hour? I get you. I’ve been in that situation. 

After ending my career as a 9-5 employee, and accepting all those negativity from other people, I’ve decided to make the change necessary in achieving my goals. By the way, I’m not a goal oriented person before. I was happy with my simple life and contented just going out with my friends and enjoying every moment. I was not thinking about the future. It was only after reading a truly inspiring book that my life has started to change. That is why I wanted to share with you my journey and my goals through this site, called Philmer Club. 

Philmerclub is actually dedicated for newbies in setting goals. Individuals without a clear path in life. That is why if you’re already in an advanced phase in setting up your goals, then I may not give you more advance tips. However, you can still join me in my journey in achieving my daily goals and feel free to share yours as well. Please note that I’m not yet successful nor I have luxury cars or big properties to show you. But what I can help you with is about sharing my daily experiences in achieving my mini goals and turning it up into a daily habit, my daily struggles in life, new learnings about goal setting and how goal setting can greatly improve your life. 

I have also built a simple community in Facebook and Instagram that will support you and cheer you on, as you achieve your daily goals. Come on board and let’s help each other succeed.