Factors Why Goals Fail and Why We Fail to Achieve Them


Factors Why Goals Fail and Why We Fail to Achieve Them

Everyone in life wants to be better, everyone dreams big, but then like the saying goes; if wishes were horses even the poor would ride on them, so as life is. For every dream we wish has a road that’s to be followed, which we could call goals. Mankind has always had a struggle of achieving one’s set goals before our time is up, we’re challenged by various forces from within and without. The most challenging are those from within, and this article would be focused on main factors of why goals fail and why we fail to achieve them.

Lack of Courage

This affects a large number of people, they have set goals but then become frightened by it. Various things could cause this anxiety, people get scared that their goal may be too big for them to even give a shot at it. They use this lack of courage and give themselves a reason to be comfortable with whatever position they’re in, not ever moving forward. This should be battled with because it’ll result in stagnancy.

The "What if" Factor

The “what if” factor can also be attributed to fear, people always tend to fall on the negative part of this question. When asking “what if” the majority of people get to ask “what if it doesn’t, what if I can’t, what if it fails”, and this is all wrong because it does nothing rather than induce doubt in our hearts. People get to give themselves a whole long list of reasons why they wouldn’t go after their goals just because they’ve given too much thought to it not working out. It’s best to change one’s mindset and whenever the question “what if” pops into our minds, positivity should be added, thereby asking “what if it works out” because this positivity would fuel courage and enable us to achieve set goals.


This is a major challenge faced by mankind, it could also be paired with laziness. Procrastination is like a disease and should be cut out of one’s life if you’re willing to achieve your set goals. A person has a whole list of achievements he/she has put up for him/herself and then just sit back and rather sleep or watch a movie or get carried away with nothing relevant on the internet, and you tell yourself you haven’t forgotten your goals you “will” work on them. The days go by, weeks and then months and you haven’t made a single move on your goals, yes there is absolutely nothing wrong in having a little bit of rest or leisure but there should be a time set out for all that. Procrastination is like a hard drug and it’s something you run away from before you get addicted to not getting anything done.

These points stated above are some of the key factors that leave our goals unachievable, and they should all be monitored carefully.

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