Goal Setting: What Is Goal Setting And Why Set A Goal This Year?


What Is Goal Setting And Why It Is Important?

Understanding what goal setting is before setting it for yourself this year is a crucial step in determining where you want to be 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more from this day forward. Before we begin with the Whys, let’s understand what goal setting is.”

What Is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is a process by which we can break down seemingly mammoth tasks into manageable, achievable sections. While wikipedia.com explains goal setting as something that involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal.

Goal setting might not be quite so simple as that but by breaking down the biggest of life’s problems into bite-sized chunks and achievable goals you will not only be more successful but you will also be able to monitor your progress. This is why goal setting is so important.

Why Set A Goal

Why set goals? Some people just muddle through life with little or no focus. Why is this? Probably because they do not set any goals for their career, family, financial security and so on.

The truth of the matter is that time passes quickly. Too quickly for us to achieve everything that we want to. That being said the individual has the ability to set goals and achieve them, and those who do tend to be more successful in all aspects of life than those who do not. Being successful is hard work and is much easier achieved when we have a clear path to follow.

Goals Come In Two Types:

  • Long Term: These are the goals that you set to achieve in the future. Something that will create a huge impact on yourself when turned into reality. The reason why it’s called long term, is because of the years it has to take to achieve it.
  • Short Term: Are goals that can be achieved in a short span of time. It can take days, weeks or months for you to achieve this type of goal.

You can organize your time much more effectively by using your short term goals to achieve your long term goals. Why is it so important that goal setting be broken down this way? Let’s take a closer look.

Your Personal Goals And Why You Need It

Setting personal goals allow you to gain focus on each of the steps needed to achieve the long-term goal.

  • Reaching and completing each short-term goal gives you Confidence to move toward the next goal along the path to success.
  • As you complete each goal and you begin to realize this is working, you remain motivated to keep going.
  • Now that you are motivated to keep moving from one goal to the other you notice that your self-esteem is at an all-time high. You realize that you are the person who has control of your destiny, you are the reason for your successes. As Brian Tracy explains, the more you take control of your life, the more you feel good and confident about yourself.
  • By achieving your set goals, you become inspired because you know the next target will be easier to complete.

Your Professional Goals And Why You Need One

Just like people need goals, businesses also use short term and long term goals to achieve success. Where people might do this through an internal thought process, companies have meetings where team members are encouraged to voice ideas as to a) what these goals should be and b) how to go about achieving those ends.

Firms often request appointments when deciding goals and it is vitally important. Goal setting is used to drive the direction of the company, to increase sales, to tackle ongoing problems and to manage streamlining processes – all of which will go towards increasing overall performance and boosting production.

It is true to say that while a life lived without personal goals might be spent in aimless wandering; a company without goals is likely to fail very quickly. There must always be a drive for better performance or there will be no targets to meet. Without a specific target, employees have little motivation and no drive to perform better. Ultimately a company without goals is doomed to failure.

Our Conclusion:

To conclude then, we can assume that by taking the importance of goal setting as learned in the business world and applying it to our own personal lives we will be able to achieve greater things in a shorter span of time. As they say; Rome was not built in a day, and breaking down your long term goals into short term, manageable sections can lead to greater accomplishments across the board.


So get up, go out there and set some goals for yourself. You might be surprised by how you do it.



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