Measurable SMART Goal Setting


Measurable SMART Goal Setting

You may have heard or read about setting a measurable goal or SMART goals. But what does this acronym really mean? As we all know, our frame of mind is a strong tool that we can use to accomplish any kind of success. And, by developing SMART goals for yourself you can condition your mind to attain whatever it is you desire.

The following words best describe the acronym SMART in the phrase SMART goal:

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Achievable

R- Realistic

T- Time-bound


Be extremely specific about what your goal is. Would you like to be the leader of a company? What type of leader would that be? Is it the company you own or a big company that you adore? When you become specific of what you really want to achieve, you create strategies that are clear. This will also avoid your mind from wondering too much, which is the result of having a goal that is broad or general.


Make sure you can measure your goal so you know when you have actually accomplished it. Are you able to measure your goals in a daily, monthly or yearly basis? If yes, then you’re on a good path. The more you can measure a goal/task makes it easier for you to determine your progress. Making you aware of how much more you need to exert to get closer to your defined success. 


Are you able to achieve your goals in the next few days, months or years? When you know the status of your goals, it becomes clear to you the resources that you need in order to achieve them. You know the timeframe, skills and knowledge that you need to make things happen.


Your objective needs to be realistic enough that you can obtain it. Having a realistic goal also gives you hope and excitement on executing the steps to make your goal happen, as you know it can manifest in your reality in the future. At the same time, it should not be too easy to obtain so you can challenge yourself more, however, it should still be obtainable.


Have a specific date on when your goal will be attained. Offer it a deadline. Human experiences show that when you don’t set a timeframe for your goals, you tend to put more time than it needs to be. When you set your deadline, you’ll be more focus than any other people. You’ll end up accomplishing your goal faster than any other individuals can.

To achieve your goal you need to have a strategy and accordingly act to your plan. Have a list of what you need to do and how you’ll achieve them.

Create a clear mental picture of your goals on your mind and feel the joy when you achieve them. This is a strong exercise that you can implement two times daily.

Visualizing your goals when you wake up and before you sleep gives you more chance of hitting what you want. Have strong a passion and why for your objective that you will do whatever it is needed to acquire it.

Practice these methods and you will find when the desire exists, your subconscious mind will help you get it!

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